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Tips for Effective Email Communication

Did you know that millions of mails are sent all over the world per minute? Billions would be circulated before the day goes by. Social networking, the new future for extensive communication, has found its ground using emails. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective means of communication between clients, buyers and sellers.

However, this form of communication is not without its pros and cons. This article highlights tips for effective email communication. In order to relay a message appropriately, a sender must bear in mind the ethics of sending emails. Some emails are being frown out because of negligence and ignorance of the writer. Every content writer must bear in mind that a message can either get a positive or negative reaction from the recipient which would be determined by the content and style of delivery. Any form of miscommunication can tarnish the purpose of a mail.

Make it Short and Concise
As Benjamin Franklin quotes, “Time is money.” Learn to value people’s time while composing a mail. Make sure your message is clear, short and concise. Remove all the phrases that are not necessary and highlight those that are important. Outlining your points in bullets will make your text appear more readable and comprehensive. Emails are written primarily to inform and educated recipients of a topic or issue; and this should be your ultimate goal.
Write a Good Subject Line
Do not leave your subject line empty and vague. An empty subject line will not persuade or properly inform your reader. Your subject line is the first expression passed to your reader. A catchy subject line will compel reader to click on your mail in the midst of the numerous mails dropped in his/her box. It should contain the major information you intend to pass across in the body of the message.
Check your Tone
Emails are expected to be formal and polite. Remember to give a civil undertone to your message. Add “please” and “thank you” to your body. But make sure it neither petty or overtly sympathetic. Messages sent represent your values and professionalism. In a bid to appear personal, one should endeavor to cut out jargons, emoticons and slangs.
Check your Font
One thing that turns off people is a bold font that highlights unwanted brightness. Avoid writing in CAPS – Capital Letter as it can instantly pass a negative message. Use the right fonts appropriate for professional writing. A wrong font or capitalized font would be seen as loud and angry! It is much better if you write in bullet points, italics or asterisks to show emphasis than in CAPS.
Avoid Attachments
When last did you download any find attached documents from an impersonal source? Can’t remember, right. This is what happens to readers sent attached files in just one mail. Instead of compelling readers to download a certain file, it’s best you copy and paste the relevant information that you want to pass across. When that’s not enough, you can send a separate mail to that effect.
Identify yourself with an Email Signature
Do not assume that the world knows who are and the services that you can offer. Introduce yourself in your mail with a signature in order to appear serious. An email signature gives your reader a ready contact when he/she wants to reach you. It comprises of your full name, job position, mobile numbers, your company’s name, address, website and a logo.
Respond Promptly to Your Mails
This has become a common practice in Nigeria. You send a mail and you get a late response. A prompt response to important mails tells your recipient that you are serious about your business, you are responsible and you care. Questions should be answered appropriately – not out of point. Do not use another offer to answer a client’s question. Sometimes, responses can be very rude and harsh which should be considered cautiously. Do not answer an angry customer with a harsh undertone. If there will be a delay, send a short message to that effect. Two wrongs do not make a right.
Proofreading should be Your Handbag
Do not forget to edit, edit and edit. Correct grammatical errors and cut out unnecessary sentences. Make sure you review your message before you send them. Right the wrongs where necessary.


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