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Video Content Marketing

You open a page, you see a video already playing. You watch it, you increase the volume, you are still watching. You stay intrigued. The power of video content is working in your psyche. Video content marketing is becoming one of the most effective strategies used in marketing today. Nigeria has about 93 million mobile internet users! Interesting, right? Tapping into the millions of data subscriber should be very paramount for any successful business owner. This post enlightens us on video content marketing and how it works.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is carved from content marketing which simply entails the creating of educational and informative content to customers in order to drive sales. The video content marketing is a more effecting means of creating live content to attract target audience. The video content has by far surpassed the offline content marketing like the network television. Its powerful means of attracting ready customers through YouTube has turned leads into real time conversion.

It is noteworthy to mention that YouTube is second to Google at highest ranking search engine. Therefore, Google recognizes a website that a video content than one that doesn’t. Video has become a big generator of huge traffic. Strategies should be set in place to fully maximize the use of video marketing. The benefits of using video marketing will be explained further.

Video Marketing Increases Sales
Unlike other forms of marketing strategies, video marketing penetrates more to potential because of his compelling appeal. Video marketing raises traffic than a text-based content which will in turn bring more leads to the site. The ultimate goal for every brand is to generate more sales which is given using this medium.
Video Sustains Trust from Customers
Trust is needed to keep a lasting relationship with both current and potential customers. Trust is what would drive sales. If a customer does not trust your brand’s value, you might get nothing in return. A video bridges this gap by proving useful content that fosters your brand’s worth. Customers are made to discern for themselves how the product or service would meet their needs.
Video Saves Time
The time of both the sellers and the buyers are saved using this medium. You do not need to talk tirelessly of your product or service from one person to another. The video you got would explain your products or service to a large number of people and answer the possible questions.
It Improves your Google Ranking
The Search Engine Optimization might be seen as complex to some users because of its technicalities. A major search engine like Google recognizes website with videos faster than a text-based content. Your website stands to be improved on Google search ranking with video marketing.
It Fosters Social Media Shares
Your content also stands the chance of being shared on social media which would boost your brand’s awareness. This shares make your video content timeless as new viewers continue to share. Social media has created numerous platforms in the various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. These networks have evolved over the years by providing features enabling video contents. To get your video shared, you should spice it with humor and basically entertainment while driving home your message. Video content that appeal to the emotions are more likely to be shared that a fact-filled video.


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