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How to Create an Awesome Logo Design

Every awesome logo is influenced by a good story. A logo generally represents your company and its objectives. Looking at the likes of big companies, it is observed that less is usually more. Logos are visual representations of a company; they showcase what different companies stand for. A known logo goes far in establishing trust between business and potential customers. It stands you out in the list of diverse opportunities and stays as a memorable image in the eyes of many.

Looking at a mega company like Nike with a good mark label. The logo has succeeded in selling out the business without much advertisement. It tells a story of excellence and passion for good will. Every Nike product in the store is attached with this professional look grafted by brilliant designers. As earlier said, a logo is not just a mixture of shapes, images and colors, it foretells a company’s future and engages more audience. A good logo catches the attention of people by simply using the known to tell the unknown. A good example is the twitter bird logo which flies rightwards. This image is well known as a bird but its intricacy comes from the change of the normal flight path a bird flies.

The article provides you with tips on how to create a good design logo. Just a little adjustment here or there will change your company’s outlook would yield good results at the end.

  1. Ask the right questions. List out the messages you want to pass across. Articulate clearly the mental picture you foresee while you were listing your ideas. Your logo should be streamlined to the statement you have made. Come up with a sentence that communicates your message properly.
  2. Do a proper research on your competitors. You will need to look at the kind of images, graphics and logo types they employ to drive home their message. Your research is not a means to copy what they’ve done but to make yours distinct while driving the same message in order to stay ahead of your competitors. For example, a close look at the emerging social media accounts would indicate distinct graphics used by each platform but with the same simple use of colors and images.
  3. Lay Emphasis on Your Message. Creativity should not stay clear from the message you want to pass across. Focus on what the company is all about and the uniqueness the business offers. How will it appeal to the targeted audience? And how would it be different from strong competitors? Will the image retain the scope of the business?
  4. Keep it Simple and Memorable. A good logo must not have all the technicalities you can proffer. A good use of icons can be easier to visualize than using images. Your logo should be structured to be used in various occasions – websites, business cards and billboards. Therefore, make sure it clearly functional and presentable in small forms, large forms, colored and black and white forms. This can be achieved when simplicity is key.
  5. Your Logo should State your Business Ideas. Every good logo points a viewer to a picture of what a company entails. It illustrates the service a company is offering. For example, a company named “Nappy Hair Salon” can feature a picture of an afro haired person.
  6. Logos can also be coined from the business names. Most big companies carve their logo from their business name making it easy for customer to relate the logo and the name of the business. You can use the initials to graphically create a durable logo.
  7. Use simple colors. Colors are beautiful to look upon but less is more when creating a good logo design. Choose colors that represent your company well enough. It should come with a story stating the mission you have planned for your company. Mix colors well and do extra research on its outlook.
  8. Build a Logo that is meant to Last. Changing logos shows uncertainty on the part of the company. To maintain trust and loyalty, plan out timeless logos and not trendy ones. If you really do need to change your logos, make sure it is still connected some way to the former. Furthermore, using clip art is a good one but one must be careful not to copy or be copied. A good use would take your company to the limelight.


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